Przemek Burdelak

Intern Unity Developer

About Me

My adventure with video games started when I was 4 or 5 years old. We had Commodore 64 so playing it quickly became my passion. I used to play Nintendo Famicone clone known as Pegasus, too. I couldn’t stop begging my parents to buy me a new cartridge every Saturday when the stores in the marketplace were open. However, my interests in computers have their real roots along with my first PC. I remember that one day I deleted some files from Windows directory, because there wasn’t enough HDD space for another game – it definitely was not a good idea. That was the very beginning of how I got into solving computer related issues.

I’m a great fan of all the game genres there are. Nevertheless, RPG games are my favourite – I’ll never forget how fascinating Gothic I and Gothic II appeared to me at the time. Although, time has passed since then, I still like to refresh the Gothic experience every year. I began thinking how those awesome games were created when I was at the first grade during the middle school.. Then, I found a tutorial about C++ named ‘Od zera do gier kodera’ by Karol Kuczmarski and spent hundreds of hours writing console applications.

I’ve tried my best with Allegro (game programming library) and I’ve made 2 minigames under their supervision. Alas, I felt that I wasn’t quite ready for that so I abandoned GameDev. In the meantime, I’ve learned HTML and CSS.

I decided to attend an IT Profiled Technical High School after I finished the middle school. I significantly improved my IT skills in hardware and software there. Since I already knew how to code, I could sometimes do my assignments as well as some of my friends’. I always tried to appreciate any chance to practice. I read ‘C++ Symphony’ by Jerzy Grębosz during my high school education. It was like an IT Bible for me. I loved to learn about new technologies (I still do) but I couldn’t focus on specific one for a longer period of time. I didn’t know what exactly I want to do back then but I was certain it has to be related to IT.

After graduating the high school, I decided to study at the Poznań University of Technology. I developed my programming skills and polished my knowledge of useful IT techniques there. During the VI semester, me and my colleagues made 2D board game with local/bluetooth multiplayer and AI in Unity3D Engine. That was when I realized how simple and powerful is Unity.

Now, I’m writing an online game for mobile devices as my engineering thesis. For me it is great honor and responsibility to create games, because I love playing video games myself and I know how hard it is to meet expectations of a player.


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Java SE
.NET Framework
Unity Engine


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