Adam Sowiński

Founder & CEO

About Me

I’ve started my journey with technology at the age of 6. At the time I was fiddling around with Basic programming language on a ZX Spectrum. It was nothing serious but was serious enough for me to define a lifetime passion for personal computers. After few years I’ve upgraded my gear to a brand new Commodore Amiga 500. The difference in processing power was like a night and day. I was heavily inspired by the demoscene and by the things people were able to achieve on their Amigas. Today I work on different Mac and Windows computers depending on the task at hand.

Funny enough I don’t possess a computer science degree. I’ve studied Economics and Management. It was because by the time I was about to choose my education direction I’ve already learned so much about computers that I wanted to broaden my horizons with some other area of expertise. I was also greatly inspired by my father who is an entrepreneur and wanted to become one at some point in the future as well. Economics and Management seemed to provide the missing skills I needed.

I’ve started my first business when I was 20 years old – it was a successful one. After graduating university, I worked at various companies. In 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone I was hooked. I decided to develop apps for this device as soon as Apple opens up the SDK for third-party developers. I’ve created dozens of apps utilising almost all iOS APIs. In 2013 I decided to see what other companies are building and moved to London.

In London, I’ve worked as a mobile software engineer for various Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses and startups. It was honestly one of the best chapters in my life. I’ve learned a lot, met wonderful people, evolved mentally. It is true that we learn when we are pushed to the limits. I was developing one app after the other, but once I’ve reached a certain level of proficiency I started to feel bored.

I wanted to be more creative – I wanted to create games. Here’s the thing. When you create an app, there are certain rules you need to follow in order not to confuse your users. In iOS world that rules are assembled in a document called Apple Human Interface Guidelines. When you create a game, you can be totally free. Every game looks different – different graphics, different UI, different music… story… setting – to just name a few. What I like about games, in particular, is that two different games are rarely competing, each of them is an art creation worth playing.

I’ve started Coduar to realise my dream that was growing in me slowly since I was 6. I want to create great games that are fun to play, tell great story and are remarkable. I will never give up, that’s not an option.


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