Foosball VR

We were great foosball enthusiasts in the real world. With the arrival of VR technology, we came up to the conclusion that it would be nice to use it in order to simulate foosball gameplay experience in virtual reality. It is those first foosball experience on HTC Vive that we know of.


We wanted to support pretty realistic graphics, so we knew that mobile platforms were not viable. On top of that, we needed two set of controllers that would support six degrees of freedom for accurate hand-tracking. Only HTC Vive and Oculus Rift ticked all of the boxes.


We’ve chosen Unity game engine as a basis for this title because there was already a Valve rendering plugin that has been used in The Lab experience and we were very pleased with what we saw. Besides, it seemed to us that at the time – regarding VR, it was one of the best engines to choose from.


We came up with semi-realistic graphics. We think that for this type of game it will enrich the experience. We just needed to optimize it so it runs at a steady 90 frames per second.

Game Design

Our game is heavily physics based. It is a foosball simulation after all. VR is still in it’s fancy, and there is no set of rules a good game design should follow. We were debating about what UI the game should have. Should it be a 2D or 3D? We are still considering various options.


Where could you find a foosball table in the real world? Well, clearly in some pub or club so we went for this option and hopefully created a believable environment.

AI & Multiplayer

How cool would that be to play a foosball match against a computer? We knew from the early beginning that we need a robust AI system. We didn’t forget about multiplayer, however. We are still deciding between P2P vs. central server architecture.


We have recorder all SFX and ambient sounds from a real table, so hopefully playing our game will be fun and entertaining audio wise as well.

Release Date

We plan to release the game on Steam Early Access on 9th of February 2018. It will initially support HTC Vive with Oculus and PlayStation VR coming in the following months.