We are an indie game development studio with offices in Poland and United Kingdom. We are coming from various backgrounds, some from mobile development, some from film & VFX and some from corporate finance. You would think this is a crazy mixture with regards to video games sector and you are 100% right. We have discovered that we are able to look at the same thing from very different angles and that makes are more creative. We love video games.

Are you talented? Do you love video games too? Look who are we looking for at the moment – you might be a good fit.

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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

– Albert Einstein

Our Main Focus

Desktop / Desktop VR

We love this platform because we can push boundaries of what is possible to achieve. Desktop gaming is going through the second youth right now.

Consoles / Consoles VR

The beauty of the console is that millions of users share the same hardware spec and we can focus our efforts on delivering polished games that utilise 100% of the device.

Mobile / Mobile VR

How could one not be inspired by having a small computing device always ready in the pocket? This is so awesome when we see people playing casual mobile games on the tube!